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Ogre is a comprehensive digital platform for vehicle hire companies to manage, grow and transform their business. With advanced features for rental, leasing and service management and a technology framework rooted in mobility, telematics, social commerce and analytics, Ogre empowers your business and helps achieve your enterprise vision.

Ogre is focused on the vehicle hire industry and provides a complete solution for sales, operations and finance management.


  • Pipeline
  • Quote
  • SLA
  • Onboard


  • Buy
  • Kit
  • Build
  • X-hire


  • Rent
  • Contract
  • Lease
  • Logistics


  • Compliance
  • Incident
  • Service
  • Warranty

A seamless user experience to accomplish tasks with ease

Ogre keeps users engaged using simple and elegant interface design. With intuitive role based UI and predictive analytics subtly embedded in day-to-day business processes, Ogre eliminates needless choices and creates an amazing user experience.

Financial Management

Work with Dynamics 365 financial management platform that can handle the most complex organisational demands

Asset Management

Track the entire lifecycle of your rental assets, from acquisition through to sale

Visual Planner

Get full visibility and control of your asset availability, maintenance and disposal

Document Management

Add reference documents to any record and control access to these documents


Strengthen customer relationships with Ogre Customer Lens

Ogre is a win-win for your customers and for you as it smartly weaves reams of data that touch your customer. The speed and clarity of information allows you to respond faster as well as generate new revenue opportunities.


Complete rental asset lifecycle management

View all aspects of your rental ecosystem and get real time metrics including asset health and utilisation and customer and asset margin analysis. Easy to understand rich visual tools give you the ability to create new revenue streams, drive down costs and improve business performance

Collaborate internally & externally

Make the most of Ogre’s rich integration capabilities, workflow, telematics and social engagement features and build a culture that breaks down barriers and promotes collaboration.

Lifecycle & ROI Analytics

Ogre unravels the truth by unifying large amounts of data into easy to understand dashboards for simpler decision making. This transfers power in your hands as you get the ability to make highly informed decisions and choices.


Take Ogre with you, wherever you go

Work with agile and efficient processes optimised for smartphone and tablet. Perform tasks confidently and with ease using mobile dashboards and simple task driven web interface. Collaborate with customers and suppliers wherever you are, with impact.

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18 October 2018

What’s new in the latest Ogre release

Release 6.0, 7.0 & 8.0 Ogre vehicle rental software latest release includes a new driver mobile app, used vehicle sales quotation feature and multiple improvements across rental objects, rental...

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3 October 2018

Up up and away with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ogre is built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Azure cloud platform, but what exactly is “The cloud”? As a one liner we could say that cloud is “computing...

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26 September 2018

What’s new in the latest Ogre release

Release 4.0 & 5.0 Ogre now records revenue by Rental object when the original Rental object on a Rental order is permanently swapped for another Rental object. Invoice calculations...

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