3 October 2018

Up up and away with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Up up and away with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ogre is built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Azure cloud platform, but what exactly is “The cloud”?

As a one liner we could say that cloud is “computing services over the internet”.

Gone are the days of businesses having to fund and maintain computer infrastructures to run ERP solutions and other software, essential to everyday business operations.

With cloud, all hardware, software and supporting infrastructure is owned and maintained by the cloud provider. A subscription fee to the cloud provider ensures that the SaaS (Software as a service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a service) is maintained and has adequate levels of security in place.

Cloud applications are accessed via a web browser or by using cloud “Apps”, meaning that they can be accessed by smart phone, tablet or computer. The freedom this gives to users of the applications is very powerful. Software can be accessed on the go, constraints of having to work in the office or through tedious VPN connections banished!

Cloud customers see productivity increase by their employees in many ways. The flexibility in being able to work anywhere with an internet connection can improve productivity, but also the fact that IT staff do not have to spend time working on internal server maintenance and upgrades will free up there time to spend on more important tasks.

Customers who embrace cloud technology unlock the latest products and services. Alongside a Modern Desktop (Windows 10 + Office 365 ProPlus) users get the benefit of latest releases that they would not get with a standard desktop install, including intelligence services that can amongst other things, enhance grammar and highlight inconsistencies in your documents.

Cost savings are made, as the outlay and requirement for expensive servers and hardware is replaced with a subscription fee to the cloud provider which helps with a healthy balance sheet.

Deployment timescales are generally shorter with cloud, meaning that implementation projects are achievable much quicker than with historic implementations that relied on infrastructure being in place before a project could really get up and running.

Reliability and performance guarantees are looked after by the cloud provider. Latest generation hardware invested in huge scales ensures that cloud customers have the very best servers at their disposal. Contingency plans exist with multiple geographical server locations meaning that downtime is limited. If a server fails, it can simply be switched to another and off you go!

Ogre brings to you the power of the cloud, together with rich industry functionality and the strength of the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack. Don’t have your head in the clouds, take your business there!


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