6 August 2018

What’s new in Ogre Release 3.0

o   Rental objects can now be swapped during the term of the rental order. We have included a swap functionality enabling allocation of a different object to the same rental line.

o   A swap history table has been added for full audit trail of objects that have been allocated to the rental order line.

o   Rental orders lines no longer have a “Quantity” field, as it is surplus to requirements.

o   Our Tariff and pricing form also loses the quantity field in favour of “From quantity” and “To quantity” fields so we can set price breaks.

o   Improving on the already useful Attributes functionality, we can now set default attributes against a product variant to make selection process leaner for procurement.

o   Attributes are now visible on Purchase order lines and will display default values if setup, but allow flexibility to change at order line level.

o   When Rental objects are created, any attributes set on the originating Purchase order line will be displayed on the Rental object record.

o   Standard Units tables are now being used to drive Usage units for odometer fields used on Rental objects throughout the solution.

o   Default Usage units can now be specified in the Ogre rental management parameters.

Bug fixes:

o   The link to Rental object details form via the object allocation screen have now been fixed to display the attributes fast tab.

o   When creating a swap, the start and end date is now checked to ensure they remain within the rental order line dates.


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